November 20, 2018

Branded SMS Marketing

Corporate SMS Messages Or Branded SMS Are Beneficial For Almost All Sector Including Online Business, Real Estate, Educational, Retailers, IT Firms, Hospitals, Hardware Manufacturers,

Wholesaler, Institutes Etc. Branded SMS Shows Better Response From Targeted Audience Regardless Of The Fact That You Are Public Limited Company, Partnership Business, or Sole Proprietor.

SMS Campaigns are a best way to initiate, launch, and announce business discounts, weekend sales or any other Business promotion. Preparing for your upcoming Business Event or to Market your product is a good way to approach large number of audience due to the fact that Mobile Devices are most in use tool and people read Mobile Message within 2-3 minutes after receiving in inbox. Further SMS Campaign is a best way to access more people and to target more targeted or general audience. So if you are seeking an efficient and fruitful Mobile Marketing Tool, Brand Experts (P vt). Ltd is a good to go with.


Branded SMS Web Portal Features:

  • We Offer Following Services In To Send Branded SMS In All Over Pakistan.
  • Confirm Delivery To All Mobile Networks As We Follow The Rules Of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), We Can Send Your Message To All Mobile Networks In Pakistan.
  • API Integration With Your Own Software Allows You To Get Updates Customers About Your Business, Sales Discounts.
  • Instant Delivery In To Bulk All Mobile Networks In Pakistan Increase The Credibility Of Your Business Message As Time To Send Message Is Most Important Factor To Make Any Marketing Campaign Successful.
  • User Friendly Campaign Management Tool Serves You As Your Personal Assistant, You Can Work With Your Own Requirement With Freedom To Do What You Consider Fit For You. This Premium Service Makes Sure To Plan Your Campaign With More Control.
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